Is Thrive365 safe for elderly people?

Is Thrive365 safe for elderly people?

  • Yes, Thrive365 is a healthy option for any adult, including the elderly, who is living with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes and does not suffer from a metabolic disorder. 

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    • What is the price of Thrive365?

      Thrive costs $19.99 per month for an individual. Thrive365 partners can receive a 50% monthly discount. Additionally, some employers provide Thrive365 as a free benefit to their employees. Let your employer know that you want to thrive!
    • When can I expect to see results?

      People have reported feeling more energetic and feeling better within a few days. It also can be helpful after a few months of consistently using Thrive365 that you, in consultation with your medical professional, check your A1C levels.
    • How long until I see results?

      Each person is unique and will experience results at different times, but you can generally expect to see small shifts in a day or two if you are measuring your blood glucose either by finger prick or by a continuous glucose monitor. After 2 or 3 ...
    • Should I eat to my score every meal or is close to my score enough?

      To receive the full benefits of the Thrive365 food scoring platform, you should hit your score exactly at each meal and snack. For healthy blood glucose levels, it is vital to eat to your score at every meal and snack. You cannot save from one meal ...