Will Thrive365 help me know what foods that I should avoid?

Will Thrive365 help me know what foods that I should avoid?

With Thrive365, you can see the impact of food items on your blood glucose levels in one simplified score. With this knowledge, you will be better equipped to eat foods at each meal that will stabilize your blood glucose levels. 
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    • What is the “My Foods?” feature?

      My Foods functions as the digital pantry where you can customize and save food items, custom meals, and favorite items. Any food item that has been logged will automatically be added to the My Food section.
    • How can two foods have the same score when they seem so different in their nutrition?

      As a rule, while lower-scoring foods are generally more nutritious, any nutritious food that raises your blood glucose levels will give you a higher score. All of this is because a food’s score is a single number that represents multiple nutritional ...
    • Will I lose weight using Thrive365?

      Thrive365 is not a weight loss program. Eating to your personalized Thrive365 meal score is designed to help stabilize your blood glucose levels, not lose weight. However, losing weight is common when using Thrive365.
    • What is the price of Thrive365?

      Thrive costs $19.99 per month for an individual. Thrive365 partners can receive a 50% monthly discount. Additionally, some employers provide Thrive365 as a free benefit to their employees. Let your employer know that you want to thrive!
    • What foods can Thrive365 score?

      With Thrive365, you can score over 900k food items, including virtually all food items that have a nutrition facts panel in any grocery store or convenience store simply by using your phone to scan the barcode or to search by brand name and item ...